Klutch Design, LLC BBB Business Review
The Architect, Builder, Interior Designer, Stone and Tile Showroom and Klutch Design, all have one common thing to do, and that is, to make your dreams come true.

An idea is born, a design is chosen, colorways change and scale is determined. At this point, the materials are carefully selected and the manufacturing schedule goes into production. The pieces are cleaned, meticulously inspected and assembled into the final design. The design is ready for shipment and installation.

pic_6During my time, as an artist and a manufacturer, I can’t remember how many times I would go into a showroom and almost always hear a customer say I don’t know what, how or where to begin with this project. The Build starts and before you know it, it’s time to make your selection of the details, the little things that are in plain sight and say everything about you. Those details are usually front and center and are used and seen every day. The price of beauty should not be undersold, there are many factors that go into it so don’t buy something strictly because of cost. With a world of information at your fingertips, common stones are easily found sometimes many, many miles away and in distant countries, but special items can sometimes be found very close. Stone, in its many forms of color, texture, and appearance is one of earth’s most beautiful creations. Klutch Design is known as one of the world’s most premiere manufacturers of waterjet mosaics. We are highly capable of creating special designs from carefully selected, common stones and then transform them into works of art. Though stone is most prevalent in our designs, other materials such as glass, metals, wood, recycled content and man made materials have been used in the design process. Customization is a central point for our business and this is not lost on our customers because they know we can execute a plan. Our work can be found in many different places ranging from schools, corporate buildings and other commercial buildings to apartments, townhouses and many personal homes. The use of Waterjet Technology offers us a tool to recreate and revise historical drawings and mosaics that back in the day would take hundreds of artisans working long hours to make. More importantly, it offers us a way to cut stone and other materials into our own customized designs because we don’t have to worry about somebody else making them.